Title: 2018/6/17 18:24:56
Tried calling but numbet constantly busy. Want order cancelled
Title: 2018/5/24 16:55:37
To whom it may concern y'all need to update yall online system about y'all lunch special dealing with what time it ends before y'all cost a lot of frustration and problems
Title: 2018/3/7 19:33:53
My order took an hour, it was wrong, and I orderd a can of coke I didn't get. Just Terrible.
Title: 2018/3/3 20:13:25
I am super mad! I am super disappointed! I will NEVER EVER AGAIN IN THIS LIFE EAT YOUR FOOD AGAIN!! My order was WRONG! The "manager" I spoke to was very unprofessional and rude! She did NOTHING WHATSOEVER to satisfy me! NOTHING!! I have been a customer for YEARS - getting both takeout and delivery. You lost me!!!
Title: 2018/3/27 15:30:39
to whom is may concern I order a Mongolian beef lunch plate today for delivery about 2:00..ok so it got delivered to my house around 330. after I payed the guy I realized the juices and and part of the food was wasted all inside the bag. so of course I gave it back to the delivery guy and he said he would have it remade and brought back. an I also called an told them as well. that being said bout an hour and a half later I called to see where it was an I was told they haven't even started making it yet..?? at this point I just canceled it as I'm starving to just so disappoint with the crew. I was looking forward to it. i order at least ounce a week.
Title: 2018/3/1 15:23:24
I ordered like 20 minutes ago
Title: 2018/1/16 15:04:06
Recently got delivery. Food was warm and delicious. Egg roll was great 👍🏻
Title: 2018/1/14 11:10:29
The customer service here is by far the worst I have ever experienced. On two separate occasions my order was placed wrong & nobody there was even willing to fix the issue. First of all the delivery itself took almost an hour, & we live not even five minutes away. Second, when I called to let them know the order was wrong the blame was all placed on me. As a paying customer I feel as though I should have got what I paid for I didn’t. Never ever again will I eat from here & I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to a single soul.
Title: 2017/11/20 23:19:22
Title: 2016-09-24T15:47:32.207-07:00
Not only did we wait two hours and a small discount of 2$. The food was disgusting!! Fried rice had no taste my loe main was dry and tasted nothing more than like the powder seasoning. Will not ever order or dine in again!!!
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