Title: 2018/1/16 15:04:06
Recently got delivery. Food was warm and delicious. Egg roll was great 👍🏻
Title: 2018/1/14 11:10:29
The customer service here is by far the worst I have ever experienced. On two separate occasions my order was placed wrong & nobody there was even willing to fix the issue. First of all the delivery itself took almost an hour, & we live not even five minutes away. Second, when I called to let them know the order was wrong the blame was all placed on me. As a paying customer I feel as though I should have got what I paid for I didn’t. Never ever again will I eat from here & I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to a single soul.
Title: 2017/11/20 23:19:22
Title: 2016-09-24T15:47:32.207-07:00
Not only did we wait two hours and a small discount of 2$. The food was disgusting!! Fried rice had no taste my loe main was dry and tasted nothing more than like the powder seasoning. Will not ever order or dine in again!!!
Title: 2015-08-18T11:06:10.605-07:00
I usually love the food. But I placed an order earlier for our office, received confirmation, waited an hour for delivery... then called to find out how long it would be only to be told the did not have it... and it would be another 45mins for them to make it and deliver it. Did not offer any discount or anything. I cancelled the order and went down the road.
Title: 2012-10-30T09:45:30.031-07:00
Need Hot mustard sause, and duck sauce also, and hot pepper sauce
Title: 2011-05-04T17:07:35.265-07:00
it wont let me place my order
Title: 2011-05-04T16:57:59.337-07:00
it keeps saying my cart is empty. why?
Title: 2011-04-30T12:36:37.909-07:00
some of the workers there are very RUDE, I hate to order take out when there is someone there who doesnt speak english...
Title: REVIEW #12009-03-08T00:00:00
Dragon City is a very good chinese take out place. If you like it hot, order the General Tso's extra spicy. If they wanted to improve, the should improve their fried rice. ...?
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