Title: Budget Friendly9/30/2012 6:02:54 PM
I love the food, way better than Hong Kong's, and better service too. Love the shrimp lo mein and sweet donuts. Excellent prices in an economy where everything keeps going up. Would recommend to anyone who loves Chinese and is on a budget. Oh, and they are the only non-pizza restaurant I know of in J'boro that delivers. and for just $0.50.
Title: good food9/14/2014 9:11:16 AM
Always have great food from here.They always stay busy, so you know they have fresh food. I know some people occasionally have problems with delivery, but I never have. I try not to order when I know they are extremely busy. When your order is lost, it is probably because they are shorthanded on drivers and backed up with 30 deliveries(which is A LOT). Doesn't excuse it, but stuff happens... The fact is if it DOES happen, they will make it right and give you free food. Not great customer service, but they must be doing something right having been open for so many years and continuing to do such a high volume of business.
Title: 9/13/2012 7:07:15 PM
Title: New rude lady8/5/2013 11:02:44 AM
The lady with all the tattoos, I was working the register was completely rude overtaken a good card because it didn't have my name on it when the card holder called in the order, she informed me next time to use a card with my name on it. She didn't have to be so rude, I have already been in touch with the card holder and because of her rudeness you have lost us as costumers
Title: 5 mins away horrible8/30/2013 7:51:46 PM
Ordered 2 general tso meals at 7:45 online got my email confirming my order at 7:59 they called and told me at 8:04 that my card didnt work I called to check the balance it was there said I would hv to pay cash ok no big deal 8:53 we call to ask where I order was they tell us be right there called again at 9:11 they then rudely told us that it should hv been there any time 9:25 still nothing so we left and went to sonic called and canceled our order no apology from them then delivery guy calls abt 5 mins later and argues with us saying he's in our driveway after we tell him several times we cancelled our order finally get it through then at 9:46 the restaurant calls us and says the manager said he would give it to us half price we tell them no and they hung up without saying anything, who would want their food at half price that was ordered 2 hours ago that is guaranteed cold by now!! Horrible horrible service and very disappointed will definetly not be back! Sad thing is we are 5 mins away from here!
Title: terrible service8/29/2014 7:05:24 PM
We ordered food at 8:07pm specifically stated the order was for delivery we were told 30 min. At 9:00pm still no food. We called and they said the order was ready for pick up. After explaining they made a mistake they called us back and said they were going to charge us more go delivery..I have been a manager and never charged a customer more for the screw up of the busisness. Have spent alot of money on Dragon city but will no longer call them. 9:104pm and still have no food...this is the worst service ever..goodbye drafon city.
Title: Pros and Cons8/15/2015 12:41:12 PM
Usually the food is great, you get super huge amounts, and even if they run a little behind its worth the wait. I ordered a house salad to round out or delivery order and bring it up to the right amount. HOUSE SALAD. It is literally a small handful of bagged salad mix, one cucumber slice, and one tiny tomato. I'm livid that I paid $2 for that. LIVID. I can buy two heads of any type of lettuce for that much. It should've been a big enough salad my husband and I could have salads with our lunch plates. Complete rip off. I'm the most disappointed that literally everything else I've ever ordered had a larger serving than I anticipated. Except for the cheapest thing they could've served me.
Title: NASTY FOOD8/13/2014 1:07:14 PM
I was a first time visitor at this place and decided to pick up my food. I ordered $23 worth of food. After paying for my food, I watched the person behind the counter. after answering the phone, she went in kitchen and grabbed some frozen food, threw it in deep fryer, took some cooked food and placed it in a bag and walked out of kitchen to answer the phone. She did all of that without WASHING HER HANDS. I yelled "hey ! stop! you need to wash your hands" Can you believe she got offended and started talking about stuff that had nothing to do with be being nasty. I told her I didn't care about any of that. "wash your hands, do you understand me ?" she finally apologized, washed her hands and started crying. When I got home, I threw my egg rolls out (full of grease), egg foo young had lots of grease in it - DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE. FOOD TERRIBLE AND HELPER(S) NOT CLEAN - They run a high risk of cross contamination. EAT THERE AT YOUR OWN RISK !
Title: Bad Order Bad service8/11/2016 11:47:57 AM
We ordered delivery, the ticket showed I ordered my food NOT SPICEY, when I opened the box the food was so spicy I couldn't eat it, they then tried to tell me I was lying the cook said he didn't add any spice but the red chillis were visable all over the food. This is not the first time, we have spent a lot of money with dragon city and this was the last time. Never again
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