Title: Awful service2/20/2016 5:21:39 PM
Ordered hibachi delivery and after an hour and a half when it still hadn't arrived I called to inquire and was told it was on the way. Waited another half hour and called back to speak with a manager who told me the driver had come to my house, which he did not, and that it was my fault as I had entered my phone number wrong, which was correct on my email confirmation. At that I point I asked her to just cancel the order to which she responded "are you serious right now?" And hung up the phone. Incredibly rude when the mistake was theirs.
Title: .......2/19/2016 6:18:24 PM
our food was super late. we waited an hour for the food and the food was cold. i do not appreciate this at all.
Title: Web page2/19/2012 4:15:09 PM
Please work on this web site. We really enjoy your food but this is one of the worst web sites I have ever had to use. You are not able to see the prices of the food and you are limited to the order size because the shopping cart does not fit in the window. Please please add your entire menu for us to use. Thank you
Title: Will NEVER order from them again...2/14/2016 8:23:19 PM
Ordered our food online at 7:37pm. It was 10:19pm when they FINALLY brought it! And that was after calling TWICE and having to speak to a manager to get it! I will order from Hong Kong from now on... I would NEVER recommend anyone to order from here if you want your food!
Title: Bad.2/14/2013 8:52:39 PM
Placed an order at 8:30pm - 2 hours before close. At 9:30pm when the food wasn't here, I called. They said it had just left. By 10:30pm the food still hadn't gotten here an no one was answering the phone. Someone finally showed up (at 10min till 11 - an hour after they close) - with the wrong order, and wrong receipt. Sent the food back.
Title: Best in Jonesboro2/14/2013 6:24:53 PM
Best Chinese food in Jonesboro, by far! Definitely recommend, and love that they deliver!
Title: Ordering Take Out From Dragon City Since 200112/7/2012 7:48:09 AM
We love Dragon City Take-Out. My daughter requested it for her birthday dinner tonight! The food tastes great. The prices are good, and I love that the restaurant delivers! I just found the website today, and I really like the way it looks.
Title: good food12/4/2014 3:36:04 PM
The food was great. Best in NEA
Title: Great Food12/4/2014 3:32:09 PM
The food was awesome even though they were very busy. I came in and really didn't know what i want and the american guy helped me out. He was great.
Title: ordering12/22/2015 9:03:48 AM
i order from here all the time for work we order early at 1015am knowing you dont open till 1030 with that said we should be one of the first to be started and delivered out and not last to be started and delivered after 11. please fix this online ordering should come first if it is done as soon as your store is open you get payment right away but we never get discounts or refund on messed up orders or have to wait 2 hours for our food. your food is great but the service part needs some work.
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